Needs Analysis

Our research lead to the  conclusion, that our plan for a coding course specific for older people could be a way to improve the quality of living of  older people in partners countries. This idea is suited  to the lifelong learning idea and it will be a valuable contribution to active ageing in Europe. The respondents are mainly interested in coding not to become professional coders, but because they want to see what is behind the devices and services they use on a daily basis. This knowledge, together with a community for sharing ideas and questions, will hopefully have a profound effect in their wellbeing and self-confidence in society. It is important, that the older people are open both for the completely new knowledge, as coding is, and at  the same time they preferred traditional methods of learning, but also they are curious about a new one. The results of the presented researches lead us to prepare the coding courses according to expectations of the older people from all of the partners countries.