Entering the world of computers is like learning a language. The learning is endless, so do not worry if there are things that you do not know right now. We know any language more or less, depending on a situation and single requirements.

Now, have you ever wanted to code, to programme an app, though you had no coding experience whatsoever? Shall we say, have you ever wanted to understand the code behind your beloved Facebook? Have you ever used Universal Windows Platform applications (apps) that can potentially work on a variety of devices including PC's ( personal computers), phones, tablets, Raspberry Pi, HoloLens, and Xbox? Is all this new to you? Well, it won't be after you will have used this manual and enrol into the educational programme we have prepared for you. Namely, learning coding is like learning a foreign language. First you do not understand. People around you speak a language that you do not understand and you feel lost. Then, gradually, you start recognizing words and bits of sentences. Then… Well, you know how it goes.

You would like to make your own webpage, but you do not know where to begin. You have a wonderful idea for a start up, but you are a complete beginner. You would like the lights in your flat to switch off at a given time….So you need to know something about coding.