This manual will help learners to learn about computer science but also how to make things with computers. We believe that learning how to create with digital technology will make learners of all ages better integrated in the digital world and will prepare them for living in the future. With the help of this course you will enhance your overall computer skills and you will learn how web functions and we will show you how you can co-create it. All you need is a laptop/PC and the readiness to learn.

Learning involves change and progression. You start with certain skills and knowledge and then you gradually progress towards broader and deeper knowledge and competencies.

This course and manual have been structured around progression and not about the age-related and stage-related labels that are often associated with a learner’s progress and the preconceptions these labels bring. Older learners, like all other learners indeed, may differ a lot as concerns their progression towards becoming a digital maker. They can start by being users, they go on as creators and as builders and developers and end up as makers.