The project objective is to develop digital literacy for elder citizens and especially learning basics on how to programme.

The elder EU citizens from the 27 EU countries are both target group, reached through direct activities (appox 30 people per partner country will take part in the training activities), and direct beneficiaries, reached through peer-to-peer learning methods and dissemination events (about 100 people per partner country). A relevant number of participants, among elders, will be medium-high skilled, such as retired professionals and old people still having active lives and willing to improve personal knowledge and competences.

The above will be reached through:

  • Development of a training course, delivered by professional lecturers (for theory and general supervision) and youngsters, possibly ICT students, expert on coding, acting as “tutors”(for the practical sessions).
  • Creation of a “Silver Coding” community based on tools such as platform, forum, social network groups.
  • Peer-to-peer events where trained elders will become trainers themselves of fellow elders, introducing them to the basics of coding.