Questionnaire on Computer Skills and Coding

The Silver-Code partnership is currently inviting potential stakeholders to respond to a short questionnaire about coding / programming.

Programming is not only about creating big programs! It can also be about very small programs that help us with specific tasks. Actually, coding is like learning a new language. If you use it often enough, you'll find yourself able to speak, think and write in the code.

The EU Silver Code project is designed to help you improve your overall digital skills, while learning the basics of coding / programming. Being knowledgeable about coding is about to become a must for all those - regardless of their age - who care to adapt to the changing digital world.

So, please, kindly stay with us for a few minutes and fill in the following survey questionnaire, available in seven languages.

If you are interested in joining Silver-Code training, which is free of charge, please do not forget to give us your contact data at the end of the questionnaire.

Thank you very much for your trust and cooperation!